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Bringing your support community closer together by connecting family, friends and neighbors on one application.

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We understand that care-giving, while being rewarding, can be an exhausting process and necessitates a lot of physical and emotional support. To help you bring your support circle closer together, we have designed ParentsPlus in a way that aids you in managing your care-giving needs, while giving you complete freedom to customize the care experience for your loved one. Through ParentsPlus we facilitate the building of your own community of support that you know you can trust.

Just follow these 3 simple steps


Create a Profile

Create a personalized profile for the individual who needs care.


Customize according to your needs

Use the various features available to customize various aspects of care according to the individual’s needs and requirements.


Connect with your support circle

Invite your family, neighbours and friends so that they can form a cohesive community, stay up-to-date on your loved one’s status, and can more easily help support you in care-giving.

Put Your Mind at Ease

Being able to connect with & easily communicate your needs to your support circle through the tap of a button, can save you time & ease your mind.

You are Safe

Do not worry, we won’t share your data with any third party or try to sell you products that you don’t need.

Learn about our Features

Time Table

Organize your daily, weekly and/or monthly schedule making it easy for both you and your community to stay informed and updated


Keep your community informed of emergency contacts, hospital information and numbers, medication and details on what to do in case of an emergency


Add the individual’s favorite music, games, videos and more in one place, for easy access


Set reminders for important tasks and appointments for both you and your support circle


Directly communicate with your community through our messaging feature


Add in any non-verbal cues or sounds that individuals use to communicate so active caretakers are informed and can then easily understand and respond


Schedule and provide support for those who require assistance with transportation and their mobility needs


Add all the names, dosage and schedule for required medication, and any dietary needs through this feature so that everyone in your community is informed and on the same page


Add dietary details required and meal plans so that everyone in the community is on the same page


Add in any additional information required that you would like your support circle to know