SCEI: Arts Exhibition

SCEI: Arts Exhibition 579 579 ParentsPlus

Every year SCEI hosts an art exhibition which is held on december the 3rd which is recognized by the United Nations (UN) as a day for persons with disability. The idea behind this day is also to bring attention to this very important subject of matter. This day is meant…

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SCEI: Canvas Tote Bags

SCEI: Canvas Tote Bags 960 960 ParentsPlus

Life in plastic is certainly not great. We all know it. With the gradual emergence of plastic shopping bans worldwide, good old canvas shopping bags are getting bigger, better and bolder. Cotton is grown without pesticides and is good for the local population and the quality of the cultivated land.…

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SCEI: Sports Day 2020

SCEI: Sports Day 2020 960 822 ParentsPlus

Life doesn’t always stay on the course you’ve plotted for yourself, around 31 million people in Pakistan are expected to be living with some form of disability. Children of special needs aren’t always pushed to exercise as their parents or guardians may fear they’ll get hurt; however, just as for…

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Sports Day Preparation

Sports Day Preparation 896 622 ParentsPlus

Sports day preparation is an all year round activity even though it’s a sports day. The activities, achievements and goals are set by the physiotherapist, if we have a child who has trouble lifting his legs then during physiotherapy he is using a ball as something to lift his legs…

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