SCEI: Canvas Tote Bags

SCEI: Canvas Tote Bags

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Life in plastic is certainly not great. We all know it. With the gradual emergence of plastic shopping bans worldwide, good old canvas shopping bags are getting bigger, better and bolder.

Cotton is grown without pesticides and is good for the local population and the quality of the cultivated land. This has far more viable options both economically and environmentally. The production of plastic increases carbon dioxide emissions and pollutes soil and water. Plastic never disappears and spreads over small areas, polluting the ocean and land. These microbeads enter the food chain and have a direct impact on our health. Finally, plastic bags are not recycled and the recycling cost is higher than the production cost. This is exactly why they land incinerators and landfills that will pollute the planet over the next millions of years.

Canvas shopping bag, canvas tote bags are sophisticated and wearable, and there is nothing new in sophisticated accessories. Rather, it offers a much stronger statement than luxury designer wallets, so it’s a hot topic right now.

It talks about mind change, ethics, unity, access and culture, not money. And the moment you see the giant designer house brands making canvas and canvas shopping bags, you know you’re on the right track.

Canvas bags are extremely versatile, easily repurpose these cotton bags into a daily driver to carry all your personal items, office items or going out for lunch with your friends. The beauty of these bags resides in the simplicity. Thanks to large carrying capacity you can easily store all your items in one place, laptop, DSLR camera, books, school papers, and other work or personal items. With all these advantages, the biggest advantage is that it’s eco-friendly, easy to maintain, completely washable, easy to fold, carry, store and can grab at any time.

At SCEI, these bags are specially designed by our inspiring kids. This activity brings joy and excitement to our kids with limited abilities but is done with limitless enthusiasm. One of our ethos is cleaner and greener Pakistan, our vocational center aims to use to as many recyclable items and the incredible kids contribute every day in their own way.